In the Name of Ho,Fa -Bi 2

In the Name of Ho,Fa -Bi 2
2007/8 / G.A.Soul ,Taipei /

In the Name of Ho,Fa -Bi 2
2007 / 08
Sound installation (earphone . CDplayer amplifier .)
30 × 30 × 60 cm

Dream one's own hair is long, mean that it is poor to have disease.
Dream others' hair is long, will be fed up about the life of common customs, repair bitterly from home.
The dream is good at white hair, will be sad and grieved. Dream that combs one's hair with the comb, the democratic meeting is happy and comfortable.
Dream about the short hair, the misfortune is short-term.
The woman dreams one's own hair is long, married couple are affectionate, happy for a long time. ...
The dream is a kind of subject experience, it is the person that produces the image, sound that imagines, thinks or feels while sleeping, it is usually unvoluntary.
And - People think, God laughs So people laugh, God thinks!
This is a kind of feeling of distance about the distance
The earphone is that one can block you and external space state temporarily Even change you and vision of the world to experience
Plant the private dense and subjective state
Because of Sound
The hairdo is another kind of external image and individual character that you reflect you sedulously
It is interesting with the stylist's distance and relation
What kind of person is to touch the hair close to you?
Laugh Seem to be very apt to further people's feeling of distance
Act on one's own with independent smiling

The message includes three major parts
One is including persons and talking the laugh derived that the course produces in advance
Dreamland contents narrated of since several friends deeply that two includes in advance
Three is the on-the-spot radio reception