Nightingale Sound installation project

Nightingale Sound installation project

Walk birds of night, mouth short to open surface to be heavy, in order to catch insect fly, as staple food. Whole body is roughly dark brown and hands in the miscellaneous stripe yellowish-brownly, the protective coloration is extremely good, so it is very difficult to find, can only make use of the sound to judge its position.
Song of the nightingale is full of happiness, is symbolizing happy life. Dream about nightingales, mean often accompanying around happily. Dream that hears the nightingale cry, mean the marriage is happy. The unmarried woman dreams about nightingales, will shed tears because of love. The person that out dreams about nightingales, mean couple meet again quickly.
So I will set out soon and look for Nightingale
//People's life is to pass in the flow with limitless sound wave, but that relation of very difficult consciousness that we seem
This plan was originated from and did not reproduce that a certain sound scenes of particular state
But this conspicuous contradiction state
It is not the sound that we listen to frequently, but usually the name going to listen to the sound,
Go to infer his source from the name of the sound and depend on the semanteme function definitely for him
How are we to one's own imagination state?

This plans works and adopts a large amount of small earphones to suspend the field space in the exhibition in midair
1. / National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts , Taichung 2006/12
(1200cm* 500cm* 600cm ear-phone/ CD Player(1) , Amplifier (1) ,Radio (3) )

The message source includes two major parts: Collect bird song and bird's bird song in the street collected and recorded near the green west street of Sichuan of Taizhong
Another message source, in order to broadcast FM/AM radio station's content immediately
Mixed with and suspend these sound source in accordance with exhibition field space characteristic in midair on different height in order to produce resonance sound result of field

2. / Eslite Books Store / ,Taipei 2007/8

(600cm* 450cm* 350cm ear-phone/ CD player (2) , amplifier (2) )
The message includes Include the cicada of chirping of birds which mixes the bird street of the green west street of Sichuan of Taizhong and mountain area of Tainan to ring sound and water droplet sound for bird's song
Two in order to include the children's story sound that children reads aloud in advance and a blind person design the sound books of the children's story about the nightingale read aloud specially

3. / Dream Mall , Kaohsiung / 2007/9
(450cm* 500cm* 350cm ear-phone CD player (3) , Amplifier (3) ,Radio (2) )
Message content and the second