Encounter Plateau

Encounter Plateau 〈 遇 / 域 〉 吳燦政聲音裝置展

時間︰ 2008年3月14日 –4月27日
地點︰ 關渡美術館401/501

‘… what is important is not what it says, but is what it doesn’t say…’ (Jacques Attali) Sound is a condition of being separated and dispersed; it is in a condition of moving or floating. What sound can move is not simply the air, but also the human’s body. On many occasions, it is the name of the sound that we pay attention to listen to but not simply the sound itself. We try to assume where the sound comes from according to its name, and give it the appropriate meaning or function. Since it is good for us to act like this way, but somehow, there is still something that we may forget to be aware of. Visual images can always catch people’s eyes and guide us to a certain direction. However, people can truly reach and feel the sound by only walking into it, getting it through by themselves. Only when you get into the sound then you can find out that your body will delicately change the sound that is just around you. Moreover, that sound will get through your body as well. In 2006, Wu Tsan-Cheng has created his first work of art in the form of sound installation, Nightingale. After that, in recent years, he is still continuously creating artworks based on the sound, which is the main factor affecting his form and thought in his artworks. In the exhibition held in Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Wu Tsan-Cheng creates several new artworks to tone in with the special high ceiling of the exhibition such as Nightingale Variations. In addition, some of his latest sound installations such as Waterfall and Spider will also be exhibited in order to generate more different possible imaginations whether regarding the sound or the body.

Exhibition: March 14 ~ April 27, 2008
Opening Reception: Friday, March 14, 5:00 P.M.
Venue: National Taipei University of the Arts / Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Gallery 401
*Gallery Hours: Gallery Hours: Tue. to Sun. 10:00 A.M. ~ 5:00 P.M. Closed Monday
*Public Tours Reservation: 02-28961000#2432

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