Nightingale Variations

Nightingale Variations from wu,tsancheng on Vimeo.

Nightingale Variations
Sound installation (amplifier / DVDplayer / single loudspeaker / water pipe)
1100cm * 240cm * 50cm

The sound of four groups of different chirping of birds, two groups among them are the environment of chirping of birds included continuously and completely, another two groups are the single bird's song, and adjust and change it to broadcast speed each, counts the power loudspeaker through different tiles and puts in the water pipe different in size and different water pipes requirements, produce different sound resonance result, make, dispose every form one news the sound channel is varied from side to side and then, attempt to make the sound of chirping of birds produce the state of moving, and the circulation length of four groups of messages differs
,Let every whole sound field in varying the sound scene to spread at any time.