Spider 1 from wu,tsancheng on Vimeo.

Spider 2008 Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei

Sound installation (single loudspeaker / folding light / amplifier / DVDplayer)

Three groups of messages different and regarding sound have the sense of touch concept to move, count the power loudspeaker through different tiles and set up in the folding lamps and lanterns in different positions, and sound channel distribute on level corresponding disposition person who divide and vary every group message sound channel message design from side to side at any time from side to side every news, in the face of the sound of the spider then the different stages sound playground that is covered by the bag is experienced with passing through course and turning to closing to spiders, can adjust and vary every lamps and lanterns angle and position at any time, create the changeable sound space and unreal sound scene state that change.

蜘蛛 Spider ,2008 , 聲音裝置Sound installation (單體喇叭/摺疊燈/擴大機/DVDplayer)