X 001

X 001 2008 Sin Pin Pier—Absolutely Art Space, Kaohsiung

X 001
Sound installation(single loudspeaker CDplayer amplifier Mechanical power control unit of electron)
100x20x25cm / 150x20x25cm

Sound, flowing stating of permeating constant, solve, leave possibility that deformation perceive to link degree constantly,
And what the sound can move is not merely air, have bodies.

X001 and X002 are the sound regarding [the moving sound project] serial works, one is in sound state not inaccurate confirmed,
Utilize mechanical power package space many group single loudspeaker, a constant one slippery to move sport rotate with different route orbit, attempting to create constantly the moulding type is fluctuating with the mixing sound destroyed, as if pick up the stone and lose to the seemingly calm lake surface, throw it to position of different angles, what will I magically change that curious space sense into? This looks like and sails it in a section of unknown journey.