Spider 2 - W

Spider 2 from wu,tsancheng on Vimeo.

W 2008 art57studio, Tainan
W (Spider 2 )
Sound installation (single loudspeaker / folding light / amplifier / DVDplayer)
100 X 100 X 50 cm

W Spider spreads out and stretches the change to develop and in 57artistudio operating rooms of exhibition in Tainan from the works, and should give a new lease of life to the state of development of speciality in the face of the old memory mark of field of exhibition,
Create and collect and include three groups of sound news (include the field floor water pipe route sound of exhibition / low frequency sound made by oneself and spread / make the horizontal and longitudinal sound by oneself)
Attempt to create the different levels and lie between the Taxi sound journey atmosphere, create the changeable sound space and unreal sound scene state that change.

Spider 2 - W , 2008

聲音裝置Sound installation (單體喇叭/摺疊燈/擴大機/DVDplayer)

100 X 100 X 50 cm

W 從作品Spider衍伸變化發展並於台南57藝術工作室展出,面對展場古老記憶痕及該再造特質發展狀態,

創作及收集收錄三組聲訊(收錄展場地板水管路線聲/自製蔓延的低頻聲響 /自製橫向及縱向聲響 )